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About Spider Veins

Spider veins are clusters of tiny superficial blood vessels that develop close to the surface of the skin and they are often red, blue, or purple. They are commonly found on the legs and are considered to be a cosmetic issue.

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While Spider veins may not present any symptoms, in some cases patients may experience itching, tingling, and discomfort. Sclerotherapy injections are the preferred treatment method with the best results. Insurance companies do not cover spider veins as this condition is considered to be cosmetic and not medical. Contact us to discuss our pricing and payment options.

Spider Veins Treatment Options

Treatment options for spider veins range from sclerotherapy injections to laser treatment. At Ultimate Vein Care, we offer the following treatment options to remove spider veins:

Sclerotherapy – In this procedure a solution is injected into the varicose vein, destroying the vein lining and causing the vein to clot and then to slowly disappear. Sclerotherapy requires multiple follow-up treatments and as many as 50% of veins injected may be eliminated with each session. Sclerotherapy is best used to treat spider veins and is sometimes a useful combination treatment with the Gemini 532/1064 Nd yag Laser.

Laser Vein Removal –
Laser light is delivered through the skin and into the vein, then the vein walls collapse and seal shut. The sealed vein is then absorbed by the body. It is tolerated very well using a topical anesthetic. Each laser pulse feels like a rubber band snap against the skin.

Risk Factors

Some risk factors for spider veins include:

  1. Family history – genetics may play a factor as some people may be predisposed to this condition
  2. Extended periods of sitting or standing – lifestyle habits may contribute to the way blood flows through the veins. Conservative methods may slow the advancement of vein disorders.
  3. Age – As you get older, veins may decrease in elasticity which may stretch the veins. The valves may weaken, changing the blood flow from flowing to the heart back down the veins.
  4. Pregnancy – some pregnant women may develop spider veins. Pregnancy increases the amount of blood in your body, while lowering the amount of blood flowing from your legs to your pelvis. The change is circulation supports the growth of the fetus but can cause an adverse effect with blood flow in the veins.

Treatment Results & Testimonial

“Ultimate Vein Care eliminated my chronic spider veins when no one else could!

Dr. Salem George, Jr, performed an enodvenous ablation procedure, which stopped the big feeder veins from creating more spider veins. After follow-up laser treatment sessions with Denise, something wonderful happened! The veins have virtually vanished!

I would recommend Dr. George and Denise to anyone in search of a true end to unsightly spider veins!”  – Gail

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