Ultimate Vein Care offers the latest state-of-the-art laser vein and hair treatments for our patients. Minimally invasive laser treatment has many advantages, including safety, speed and efficacy. Learn more about our lasers below.


Exceptional efficacy has helped Lyra stand the test of time. Its power and versatility are enabled by combining a series of advanced technologies in one system. Parallel contact cooling, continuously adjustable spot sizes and exceptional portability will enable you to deliver exceptional hair removal, wrinkle reduction and leg vein removal results.

Lyra-i Laser


With two distinct wavelengths to choose from, the Gemini® stands out in an exploding non-invasive aesthetic laser market by pushing the envelope on versatility, speed and effectiveness while maintaining the safety and reliability record of a company that has been developing surgical grade laser systems since 1989.

Gemini Laser


This patient-friendly treatment is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. Patients experience very little or no pain and are able to return to normal activity very quickly. Since the CTEV laser actually destroys the whole lining of the vein, the opportunity for new collateral veins to grow is greatly minimized, resulting in a 98% closure rate of the laser-treated cases.

Cooltouch CTEV Laser

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